Knee Pain

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Knee Pain
Knee Pain services offered in Williston Park, Bellerose, Queens, Midwood, Brooklyn and Port Jefferson Station, NY

The knees are among the most intricate joints in the entire body so when it comes to knee pain, it’s complicated. At Innovative Pain Medicine, foremost pain specialist Usman Saleem, MD, MSPT, understands that every situation is unique, so he delves into the root causes of knee pain and finds treatments that give adults with knee pain the best and most lasting outcome. There are four offices in New York, with locations in Williston Park in Nassau County, Bellerose in Queens, Midwood in Brooklyn, and Port Jefferson Station. Book your appointment online or call the nearest office today. 

Does knee pain require medical management?

Knee pain usually requires medical management. Over-the-counter medication, ice packs, and rest may work for the mildest knee injuries, but in most cases, knee pain occurs because of either chronic conditions like osteoarthritis or serious injuries. 

Those situations require a customized medical approach using innovative treatments that aren’t available outside of medical offices. So, if your knee pain starts suddenly (like a forceful blow to the kneecap), persists longer than several days, is accompanied by swelling, or disrupts your life, you need expert medical management. 

Is knee pain normal as you age?

Knee pain isn’t part of aging, but it’s oftentimes a result of osteoarthritis, a disease that eats away at the cartilage covering your bones. The risk of osteoarthritis increases as you age, with the peak age for diagnosis being 55. However, osteoarthritis can also affect people in their 20s and 30s.

Osteoarthritis can cause the bones of the knee joint to rub together, causing pain. Your body may try to compensate for cartilage loss by making tiny bony growths (bone spurs) on the knee bones. Unfortunately, this makes it worse, increasing knee pain and making it hard to move your knee. 

Knee pain isn’t inevitable. Regardless of your age, you can start a treatment plan that protects your knees and eases your pain.

What are the newest nonsurgical treatments for chronic knee pain?

Innovative Pain Medicine embodies its name by providing the most up-to-date nonsurgical knee pain treatments in its four New York offices. Two of the most common approaches include: 

Anti-inflammatory injections

Anti-inflammatory injections usually include a powerful steroid medication that reduces inflammation and pain quickly. Results can last up to several months. Ultrasound guidance leads to ideal placement inside your knee joint.


Viscosupplementation involves injecting a gel-like medication called HYALGAN® into the knee joint. This lubricates the knee surfaces so you can move without friction and pain for up to six months.

Trigger point injections

Trigger point injections go into muscle knots around the knees. They include an anesthetic, anti-inflammatory drug, or both. 

Physical therapy is another integral part of managing knee pain, and you may also need to make lifestyle changes. 

To learn more about these and other innovative nonoperative pain solutions, call Innovative Pain Medicine or book an appointment online today.