About Innovative Pain Medicine

Pain Medicine Specialists located in Williston Park, Bellerose, Queens, Midwood, Brooklyn and Port Jefferson Station, NY

Innovative Pain Medicine

At Innovative Pain Medicine, patients get a personalized approach to pain relief because every person is unique. 

Practice physician, pain management specialist Usman Saleem, MD, MSPT, uses state-of-the-art methods of treating acute and chronic pain in four offices in Williston Park in Nassau County, Bellerose in Queens, Midwood in Brooklyn, and Port Jefferson Station, all in New York. 

Innovative Pain Medicine takes an integrative approach to patient care, tackling back pain, fibromyalgia, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and other debilitating forms of pain and helps patients beat them. 

With a wide range of orthopedics, neurosurgery, and physical therapy available at the practice, patients find nonsurgical and surgical solutions to acute and chronic pain so they can return to their lives. In most cases, patients can avoid major surgery. 

Innovative Pain Medicine feels that diversity and accessibility are vital in medicine today. The practice welcomes patients from every ethnicity, belief system, orientation, and walk of life, and they accept most insurance as well as workers’ compensation and no-fault injury cases.

The practice is currently welcoming new patients, so book an appointment using the online scheduler or call the nearest office for help today.